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Strengthen Your Family Relationships – Keep Connected


Relationships that Help Kids Thrive

Sometimes we think parenting is most a set of strategies and techniques we use to shape our kids. But—at its core—being a parent is primarily about having a powerful relationship with a child who becomes a teenager, and then an adult. But what do those strong family relationships look like? What can we do in our families to be intentional and proactive in ensuring that our relationships continue to be positive and powerful as our kids grow up, even as we each grow and change?

Through extensive research with families across the United States, has identified five keys to that help young people be and become their best selves. Many people can have these kinds of “developmental relationships” with children and youth. But mothers, fathers, and other parenting adults have central and powerful relationships that typically begin before childbirth and continue throughout life. The challenge and opportunity is to work together to keep those relationships strong, flexible, and resilient as each person grows and changes. We created Keep Connected to help you do just that.

Developmental relationships are connections through which young people be and become their best selves. Relationships between parenting adults and their children are particularly powerful developmental relationships—though many other relationships are important and powerful, too.

There are five elements—or five keys—to relationships that help kids grow, learn, and thrive. They are:

Learn more about in relationships to help kids thrive.

about these five keys in your family. Invite other family members to do it too. Then compare results.


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