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Marketing Agency Perspective: Automation Grows Your Client Relationships


As a marketing agency, our primary focus is maintaining existing client relationships while finding new ones. It actually costs 7 times more to acquire a new client than to retain one – all the more reason to follow this business blueprint. At the end of 2014, our efforts were being diluted by constantly having to implement manual and repetitive social media tasks. It was chipping away at our time and business. It became critical for us to find a solution that made sense. We started shopping around and looked everywhere. Our situation was unique because we don’t just manage our own brand, we manage the brands of all our clients. It felt like spinning plates. We looked at all sorts of social media automation solutions and none of them catered to what we needed. It started to become frustrating. It felt as if there was no scheduling solution that could help our clients generate leads consistently. We were wrong.

Since then our business has shifted dramatically. We are able to finally save time and focus on the business rather than being in it. Our solution was Sendible, an innovative firm based out of U.K. led by its Founder Gavin Hammar. As soon as we plugged in their application into our processes, we knew we were dealing with a different animal. Not only does it manage a widespread of social media applications, it also has the relentless focus to help you generate leads. With the ability to set off Twitter algorithms that reach out to targeted audiences, spark conversations and add them to your mailing lists, or even watch over keywords relevant to your business – Sendible is the answer. With the help of Sendible’s application, we are constantly able to generate marketing activity as well. This alone has helped show our clients that their business is moving and work is being done. It’s absolutely critical to have this, especially if you’re service-oriented. On top of all that, we’re able to constantly provide targeted leads which helps them grow their business. It provides real results for real businesses and it feels great to make a profitable impact on your clients.

Having Sendible integrated into our processes has helped us anticipate and build creative campaigns for our clients. We’re able to think ahead, and schedule content that must go out. The company has managed to fill multiple gaps that other marketing automation companies are lacking. I have complete confidence that the innovative team at Sendible will continue to fill many more. They are the pied piper of this industry and their work positively impacted both our relationships and business. The anticipation is allowing us to act, not react as a business. Along with the growth of the business, we’re more focused. We’re also very determined and our clients are happier than ever. We’re finding the time to work on projects we’re passionate about. Marketing pioneer, Eben Pagan, once said that technology and marketing are now the same thing. As a futurist, it’s applications like Sendible that have given me the certainty on where technology and marketing is heading.




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