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10 Finance Tools to Keep Your Relationships Successful | Marriage.com


In your 20s or 30s, there is a high chance you’re struggling with paying the debt. 43% of borrowers of student loans aren’t making regular payments, to be exact. This alarming statistic isn’t due to low income, it’s due to a lack of financial literacy. To keep your financial relationships and obligations successful, you need to seek help.

And there is no better help than tools you can use on your own. In this article, we will present to you ten tools for easier money management and asset maintenance. Whether websites or apps, they will aid you immensely.

1. Personal capital

This tool is ideal for investors of all kinds. Start to slowly invest money in your 20s. This is the best way of achieving significant capital in the future. After downloading this app, all you have to do is link your accounts, and Personal Capital will analyze the state of your portfolio.

If it concludes that you’re spending too much in fees, you will receive tips on how to improve your spending habits and facilitate better cash flow. Available for iOS, Android and Amazon.

2. Tools that can write you a budget plan

An essential part of saving money is a budget plan. Careless funneling money won’t lead you anywhere. Even though you need to be careful, sometimes it’s best to leave the planning to the professionals who work for assignment help online.

Here are the best tools that have proved to be exceptional when writing a budget plan.

They’re famous for delivering on tight deadlines, so don’t be afraid to ask for an urgent monthly plan.

With this tool, you can communicate with the writer directly. Tell them about your expenses and an expert will craft you a plan.

If you are in need of urgent help with your finances, provide them with info, and they ’ll do the rest.

You need a budget

Even with a written budget plan, you always need to be on the lookout for improvements. The YNAB app gives you the opportunity of setting goals, and you calculate what you need to do to accomplish them. This is just one group of this app’s features.

With it, you can also calculate yearly spending, income, taxes and much more. For those who are bad with planning and setting goals, this tool can bring them financial wellness quickly.

4. Mint

Setting goals and budgets is an excellent start, but you need limits. And there is no better tool for setting spending limits than Mint. You can set any amount that you don’t want to cross. Mint will integrate the data, follow your credit card channels and alert you when you’re near the limit.

You can check your score and see how much more can you spend and how. Pair Mint with Mint Bills, an app specialized for keeping track of bills and reminding you to pay them.

5. PayPal

For freelancers, PayPal is one of the best tools for financial wellness. It provides you with an easy way to send and receive money, regardless where you and the other person are. With great reports and an overview,

PayPal helps you keep track of your spending on eCommerce stores and many physical retailers now allow PayPal payments. It’s always free, not including a small fee for transactions.

6. Venmo

This year, Venmo is popular more than ever due to its social media-like features. However, don’t be fooled as Venmo is one of the best tools for financial wellness. Instead of covering big things like bills and similar expenses, Venmo can help you with the smallest things.

How many times has a friend forgotten to pay you for gas, drinks or hotel expenses? With Venmo, you won’t lose money in unplanned ways.

The benefit of this app is that you can send money to anyone with a phone number or email. Receiving money is always free.

7. Digit

Sometimes, it can be hard to be financially responsible. There are so many things we want that it’s easy to omit taking care of our savings account. You read more on various sites on how to plan your budget but still need some handy online tools that can come to your rescue.

Use Digit to prevent this from happening. If you’re having trouble with saving, Digit can automatically transfer money into a savings account.

And you know what’s even better? Digit pays you 5 cents for every $100 that spends more than three months in your account. The amount is paid weekly.

8. Acorns

A common financial black hole is not taking care of spare change.

Oftentimes, people disregard the significance of small amounts of money. Acorns can help you by urging you to invest that money. The app uses your help to plan setting money aside from investments.

From every purchase, a small amount usually how much is needed to round out the next number will be deposited into your account. It’s completely free for students.

9. Tiller

It’s important to have a spending plan written, but it can be difficult to read through numbers all the time. To have a better overview of your spending, start using Tiller, one of the best financial tools in existence.

After providing spending information and details, Tiller will issue you graphs and spreadsheets about your most critical area. The interface is easy to use features a minimalistic design.

10. Honey

Sometimes, saving money isn’t just about not spending it. You should also focus on finding discounts and facilitating your necessary expenses. With Honey, you can arm your browser with one of the most useful extensions available.

Designed to find promo codes, Honey can save you thousands of dollars on online purchases. Shop wisely and see how much funds can you end up saving.

With a myriad of excellent tools available, these 10 are just a small part. Stay responsible and determined, and you’ll reach financial wellness through careful planning.


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