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What Ive Learned From A Leo-Virgo Relationship

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What I’ve Learned From A Leo-Virgo Relationship

Sometimes it can be hard to love people.

Sometimes lines get blurred between love and lust and sometimes it’s hard for one person to realize how they go hand-in-hand.

If you’ve found yourself in a Leo-Virgo relationship, let me tell you this: your differences can either make or break you.

So notice how they treat you, how you treat them, how the relationship is when you’re together and apart.

If you’re in a Leo-Virgo relationship, you might find that it’s hard to love the other person. Trust me on this one. I’m a Virgo and I’ve had my fair share of relationships with Leo men. We’re nearly complete opposites and sometimes we have a hard time understanding each other.

Virgos love love.

We are anxious creatures. When we don’t get that reassurance we crave and when our love isn’t reciprocated, we tend to doubt ourselves. We become our worst qualities to an extreme: hyper-sensitive, overwhelmingly anxious, and a control-freak.

Virgos will overanalyze everything and apologize for anything and everything (even if they’re not at fault) just because they want the people around them to be happy. Sometimes it’s annoying.

Like, we get it, you’re an anxious mess. Relax.

Leos never choose love first.

Sure, they’re very passionate and hardworking, but not when it comes to relationships. They’re fiercely independent. When they set their minds to something, they’re determined to get it and they’re optimistic that they will. It’s admirable, truly. Still, they tend to be self-centered and unsympathetic. A Virgo would never. 

Leos at their worst are stubborn and will never apologize for being wrong even if they are. Leos are so confident; they’re cool, calm, and collected and sometimes it comes off as an “idgaf” attitude. How do they do it?!

Love isn’t in the cards for the Leo or Virgo in the relationship. Lust, maybe, sure. But love too? Nope.

I didn’t love these men. I could’ve, but they wouldn’t even let me try.

From my experiences, I’ve just learned how to let go and move on. I’ve just learned to give myself the love instead.

Kelly Peacock

Brooklyn-based poet, writer, and music enthusiast.

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