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Cory Booker’s weirdly sensual relationship with coffee resurfaces


Sen. Cory Booker (D-N.J.), a 2020 Democratic presidential hopeful, apparently likes coffee, so much so that he’s tweeted the same joke about it numerous times in the past.

The New Jersey senator’s love for the caffeinated beverage was first spotted by writerAnna Fitzpatrick, who discovered that Bookera long-time prolific Twitter userhad used a similar joke about being in a relationship with coffee in tweets as far back as 2009.

Booker does seem quite enamored with coffee. He’s described his hypothetical significant other as “hot,” “tall, delicious” and has joked that his relationship with coffee had caused “sleep” to separate from him.

The relationship seems to have been going on since his time as the mayor of Newark, New Jersey.

“‘Sleep’ and I broke up a few nights ago. I’m dating ‘Coffee’ now. She’s Hot!” the senator wrote in May 2009.

But as Fitzpatrick noted, the joke has come up numerous times in the past decade.

“Mean ‘ole ‘Sleep’ left me for another dude / I’m with ‘Coffee’ now she’s got a stimulating attitude RT @Gman1208 Mayor, do u ever sleep?” he wrote in August 2010.

Perhaps the jokewhich he’s posted roughly once per yearcame up so much because his followers throughout the years have asked Booker if he ever slept.

Same question, same joke?

The latest coffee-relationship joke tweet from the senator was fairly recent.

In 2017, when asked yet again by a Twitter user about whether he got a lot of sleep, Booker went back to the joke, saying he appreciated coffee’s “warmth and stimulating company.”

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