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Wife Has Had 6 Miscarriages, Opens Front Door And Sees Stranger Left Pile Of Baby Toys Outside


Jessica and Hayden Goudy have been plagued with heartbreak for the past seven years. The young couple has been praying for a miracle and a baby of their own. And this Christmas it seems like all their wishing is finally coming true.

After losing 7 babies and mourning 6 miscarriages, mingled with numerous fertility treatments and visits to specialists, over the years, the couple began to lose hope in having their own child. They began looking into adoption, but soon realized that the $40,000 fee would end up taking them nearly 11 years to save for.

“You start to think there may be other things for me besides being a mom.” says Jessica, smiling through her tears. “And then this happens.”

A bright patch opened for the Goudy’s after they created a Facebook page mapping out their journey and hoped that it would catch the attention of someone. And it worked! A family friend saw their page and connected the couple with a social worker who knew a woman looking for someone to adopt her child.

They connected us with the social worker and she had us write our story. This birth mom picked us, JessicaWe spent the next few months writing letters back and forth.

In addition totheir letters, the couple was able to join in the doctor’s appointments and be present during the delivery on December 5th.

But that was just the beginning. The couple knew that adoption would lead to a tight budget that wouldn’t permit them to give their baby girl,Mesa Hope, everything that theywould like.

Well,the couple’s name was placed in the raffle held by a “Secret Santa”,offering families in needa chance to win gift cards and money. And out of the 1,000 other entries, they ended up winning the nomination! The family not only received loads of baby goods, but also a $500 dollar gift card to Target.

“Because of the adoption costs, you cant go out and buy her all the things you want,” Jessica said. “To see them unloading all these wonderful things for our baby girl [was] overwhelming and humbling.”

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