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Single Mom Flees Abusive Husband, Then A Friend Goes Behind Her Back To Get Her A New Home


Many people don’t realize that women often stay in abusive relationships for financial reasons. If they decide to leave, where will they go? How will they support their children? What if they must give up their home?

It makes the decision harder, and those who find the courage to leave are all the more brave. Precious Erwin is a single mother of four children. She made the choice to leave her abusive husband, a choice that was no doubt for the best, but one that caused her to be homeless. Erwin and her four children began sleeping on the floorat the apartment of a family friend, Desiree Peterson.

Peterson has been supportive during the tough time because she knows how good of a mother Erwin is.

“You would have never known by looking at the children that they ever realized, they never even realized the situation that they were in because she always made sure that they were happy,” said Petersen.

Peterson nominated Erwin for Walker Furniture store’s annual give away to 40 families in need. Erwin was stunned when she was surprised with a new, fully furnished home and $400. The mother was in tears.

“Right now I’m trying to pick up the pieces to my life because I’ve been through so much,” said Erwin.

Walker Furniture donated beds, couches, and tables, while the Las Vegas Rescue Mission provided the family with a tree and presents.

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