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Man Thinks His Surprise Is A Photo With Darth Vader, Then Wife Hands Him A Bag With A Onesie


Star Wars has a massive influence on this man’s life. He and his wife took a trip to Walt Disney World to check out the Star Wars-themed area. Themovie franchise fan watched a show with Darth Vader, Darth Maul, and stormtroopers. He thoroughly enjoyed the shenanigans happening on stage. What more could a Star Wars fanatic ask for?

After the show ends, a Disney employee approaches the man. “I hearyou’re a really big fan,” the employee says.

He agrees, wearing a black Star WarsT-shirt.

“So, we love making magic for our really big fans, so there’s something special we’re going to do for you,” the employee continues. She instructs him to wait outside for a moment while she goesto “check on” something.The superfan feelsa little confusedby the situation, but he obliges.

Soon, Darth Vader and two stormtroopers burst through the back gates and standagainst a white wall. The man approaches them, shaking each of their gloved hands.

He smiles from ear to ear as his wife and a few others snap photos of him with the Star Wars legends.

“You want to get in there too?” the employee asks his wife.

The wifewalks up to her husband and hands him what looks like a gift shop bag. He reaches in and takesa peek at what’s inside.

Just like that, he bendsover in tears, his hand covering his face.

Inside the bag isa black baby onesie thatboasts the classic Yoda line, “Judge me by my size, do you?”

“Congratulations!” the employee and surrounding people cheer as the man, now adad-to-be, happily cries next to his wife and Darth Vader.

Unable to wrap his head around the pregnancy announcement, he manages to pull himself together for a final group photo onesie included.

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