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13 Guys On What Separates A Girl Whos Just A Hookup From One Whos Wife Material


1. “If a girl kisses me on the first date, I think that’s sexy as hell that she is going for it without hesitation! What more could a guy want? Definitely wife material.” Justin, 26

2. “If we hook up and I immediately want her out of my bed the next morning, it was just a hook up.” Josh, 30

3. “When I hook up with a woman, I usually know where it’s headed. If she is only interested in the physical stuff, I won’t complain. But, if I meet someone who wants the physical stuff plus wants to get to know my emotional side?She’s a winner.” Sean, 29

4. “This honestly depends on me. If I am too involved in work and myself, I’m not going to want anything serious. So, any girl I hookup with is ultimately just going to be a hookup.” Stewart, 34

5. “All my life, I have never hada one night stand. If a girl respects this and doesn’t take offense to me not wanting to sleep with her right away, she is definetelygirlfriend material, if not full on wife material.” Danny, 25

6. “Once on a date, I got food poisoning from the lobster I had eaten. The girl I was on a date with didn’t even flinch. She took me to bed and took care of me that whole night. I married her two years later. If she had taken off, I never would’ve called her the next day.” Rob, 38

7. “For me, the difference is easy. If I meet a girl and she is interested in what I have to say, she is already wife material. I’m not the best looking guy. I’m not the smartest. So, if someone shows interest in me, it’s rad.” Aaron, 31

8. “If she can make me laugh till I am doubled over on the floor, she is completely wife material.” Keith, 22

9. “If we hook up and she doesn’t reach out to me to hang out again, I know she was only in it for the hookup.” Matt, 37

10. “If we have been hooking up for a while and have had little to no conversations about what we want or need, she is not ready to settle down. Period.” Richard, 29

11. “If a woman is brave enough to tell me how she feels about me, then I would be a fool to not give it a try! It is rare forpeople to be so honest these days.” Tom, 27

12. “Usually for me, if I have been seeing someone for awhile and she still has no interest in learning about my hobbies or meeting my family, then she’s out the door for me.” Steven, 25

13. “I can tell straight away if someone wants a night of fun, or years of fun. If she seems interested in my opinions, and asks me questions about me, then she is in it for the long haul. I don’t have the patience for someone who will only hook up with me just for the heck of it. We aren’t in college anymore.” Ryan, 29

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