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This Woman Pretended To Have Cancer To Steal Money From Her Friends



Danielle Watson’s fake cancer turned out to be more costly than the real version would have been.

Watson, 24, faces six counts of fraud for pretending to have cervical cancer and using the kindness of others to reap a lavish complimentary wedding.

Defense attorney Rebecca Blain told the jury that Watson’s choices have isolated her from family and friends. Blain said,

She will have to come to terms with the fact that she has told [her family] what are the most despicable lies.

The Colchester, England woman had a routine keyhole surgery for a gynecological problem, but she told her friends and family she’d been diagnosed with “late-stage cervical cancer.”

Watson then moved her wedding to her now-husband, Chris, forward, telling those around her she wanted to have the ceremony before losing her hair to chemotherapy.

The ceremony, which took place in April 2012, included free champagne, hundreds of dollars in complimentary wedding planning, a luxury reception venue and discounted hair appointments.

Watson also fundraised more than $16,000 for preventative vitamin C treatment through a speciality clinic.

A donor offered to send the money directly to the clinic, and Watson balked. Instead, she requested the funds go directly to her personal bank account. That’s when friends and family became suspicious.

Later that year, Watson announced her pregnancy on Facebook. Instead of hitting “like,” her friends finally called the police.

Watson, who is in trial this week, pled guilty to all charges. She reportedly hopes to avoid prison time because of her second pregnancy and 18-month-old child.

Essex Police say organizations who raised money for Watson have since donated over $10,000 of those funds to the Mercedes Curnow Foundation for cervical cancer support.

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